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Appeals and Removing a Disqualification


In challenging economic times a motorist facing a driving offence may choose to face court proceedings without the services of a solicitor or barrister. 


But occasionally the court hearing may not go according to plan, leaving the motorist disqualified from driving and their life turned upside down.


Phil Morris has experience of picking up the pieces - a disqualification is a sentence that can be appealed and an application can always be made to the disqualifying court to suspend the disqualification. This can be done generally within days, sometimes even shorter





There are also circumstances that give rise to a court agreeing to the return of a licence early agreeing to the removal of the original disqualification.


To qualify, the original disqualification must have been for a minimum of two years, and the period of disqualification served at least two years ( for disqualifications under four years) or one half if between four and ten years.


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