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The explosion of speed cameras has meant that speeding is detected more widely than in the past and it is easy to find yourself very quickly in a position where your licence may be lost as a result either of the speed at which you are caught, or because of low level, but persistent offending.


Philip Morris is a specialist Motoring Lawyer based in Yorkshire and who appears throughout courts in the UK. he is aware of the technology involved in speed camera devices and how to challenge them. He has secured acquittals in cases involving poor or incoreect signeage and has been instrumental in ensuring that many motorists can either escape or minimise the number of points often imposed for a speeding offence.


Should you find that you are being prosecuted for speeding or any other offence, Phil will offer an initial assessment of your case free of charge, unlike some lawyers. It is important to seek the advice of a lawyer whose advice is straightforward, and whose representation is effective.

Speeding: Sentencing Guidelines

The Magistates Court sentencing guidelines can be found online. By clicking on the link you will be directed away from this site to the appropriate page of the Guidelines.


Speeding (Revised 2017)

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