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Mobile Phone Use

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On 1st March 2017 the penalty for Mobile Phone use has sharply increased from a fixed penalty of £100 and 3 points, to a fixed penalty of £200 and 6 points. If you are a driver less than two years since passing your test this means that the commission of just this one offence can result in the revocation of your driving licence.


There are, despite the media reporting of this change in the law, a number of defences to this allegation, and it is important given the view insurers are taking of these offences for insurance purposes that the police can prove not just that you are holding a mobile telephone, but at the same time using it for the purposes of interaction.


In cases where the police cannot prove you to be using the phone, you may still be prosecuted for Failing to be in Proper Control of a Vehicle ( which carries a lesser penalty of 3 points)


With over 20 years experience, Phil has represented literally hundreds of drivers accused of this offence. As a Motoring Lawyer based in Leeds, Phil has easy access to all court centres within Yorkshire and beyond.


Why not read Phil's blog on mobile phone use, and if you have a query make contact. Phil will provide you with an initial assessment free of charge.



Updated 1st March 2017

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