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Frequently Asked Questions

You're a Barrister. I thought I had to see a Solicitor about this problem ?

Barristers who are authorised by the Bar Standards Board are now permitted to obtain work directly from members of the public. Recent changes to these rules allow this to be undertaken without legal aid, although if you think you may qualify and wish to apply you should do so through a solicitor. Only in cases where the matter is considered to be complax would a Barrister be obliged to refer the matter to a solicitor.


In other cases Barristers cannot instruct Expert Witnesses and pay the fees on your behalf. They can advise you upon whom to instruct, and assist in the letter of instruction but the fee payable to the expert must be met by you directly. That is why Philip Morris operates on a system of transparent fixed fees - he is dealing directly with you on the more straightforward cases, and providing you with a guaranteed indication of cost whilst referring the more complex cases and  to solicitors whom he knows and respects.

So Why Would I Choose you to Represent Me ?

As a former solicitor of 20 years Phil Morris has undertaken the defence of literally hundreds of driving cases. In some cases, as a Solicitor Advocate he has been to the Court of Appeal in London to argue for the reduction in sentences. He provides straightforward advice - he receives many testimonies expressing gratitude at the no nonsence approach to giving advice, and his ability as an advocate in court. His desire to change professions mid way through his legal career does not impact upon his ability  to continue undertaking this type of work.


As a self employed Barrister, Phil is a member of a set of chambers in Leeds. A Barrister's overheads are significantly less than those of a Solicitor, meaning the cost of engaging Phil is competitive.

So What Happens Now ?

Contact Phil by phone or email using the form on the Contact page. Because of court commitments, Phil may not be able to respond immediately but seeks, where possible to contact you within three hours of your initial query.


When is the Fee Payable ?

In the event that you agree with Phil that he should act, you will be asked to sign a copy of his letter of engagement as confirmation of your agreement to his fee. This is payable in advance of the court hearing, although in exceptional cases Phil will allow this to be paid afterwards.

Please note that if the fee is not paid in advance, Phil will reserve the right to refrain from acting.

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