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"Using" Without Insurance


Note the word "using". This is of course broader than "driving" and a offence can also be committed if a vehicle is permitted to be used without insurance - often meaning two people are prosecuted as a result of the same incident.

Ministry of Justice figures suggest that there were nearly 4000 prosecutions for insurance related offences in South Yorkshire in 2011, 


And the offence is committed whether or not the motorist intended it - known as an "absolute" offence meaning a person can unwittingly commit the offence.


Carrying a minimum of six points this type of offence can impact hugely on New Drivers, and because the maximum number of points for the offence can rise to eight, motorists can often find themselves in a position where their licence is at risk under the "totting" procedure.


Philip Morris is a Specialist Motoring Lawyer in  Yorkshire who is finding an increasing number of cases that may involve arguing that "special reasons" apply for non endorsement - such as where a motorist is under the honest belief that they were insured and have been misled in some way - arising often as a result of confusion with internet insurance companies.


As a specialist motoring lawyer for Yorkshire people and beyond, Phil can provide initial advice and is happy to provide an initial assessment of the case free of charge. Why not call on 0800 228 9965 or email using the calback form.


No Insurance: Sentencing Guidelines

The Magistrates Court sentencing guidelines are now available online. By clicking on the link below you will be directed away from this site to the appropriate guidelines.


No Insurance (revised 2017)

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